Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Decorating a cake order

So I happened to receive a cake order for Father's Day one weekend. I thought to myself, what type of decoration should I use? Mind you, this was my first order for Fathers Day. Thank God for YouTube :-) because I happened to start watching videos on decorating skills and just any ideas that would inspire me for this particular cake. The cake flavour was coffee with chocolate ganache filling and a coffee buttercream frosting. The cake was 12" square with two layers.

Here's a pic of when I started pipping the first side of the cake:

It wasn't to what I had expected then but then again my kitchen was really hot that night and I had to place it in the fridge now and then to firm up the frosting. Everything afterwards turned out really well.

Now, I hate to pipe my letters and this s something I need to practice more on so I decided to put the words all on the photo clever is that!

For me, this was my basic ruffle cake and it is a technique I would love to improve on for future cake orders :-)

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